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Mr. Teller was co-author with Alston Waring of Roots in the Earth (1943) -- and writes out of personal experience and practical background on the subject of farming as a way of life. With veterans confronted with a problem of a livelihood, farming is again and again considered, even by those with no practical experience behind them. This book should provide a useful check on ignorance -- a practical how-to-decide-whether-or-not-to-do-it, rather than a book about actual procedure. The qualifications of the individual -- the problems of finance and credit -- the choice of purchase, rent or working for another -- the selection of a farm -- the decision as to what kind of farm -- all this is approached realistically. There is some rather elementary information about plants, crops, types of farming, raising vegetables, fruits, livestock, poultry, of farm forestry, of special crops. There is some sound advice on agencies that help the farmer. And some sketchy data on marketing. The best part of the book deals with actual charts of costs -- expectations, etc. Not an exhaustive handling of the subject, but should serve a useful purpose in outlining the opportunities and how to get started.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1945
Publisher: VanNostrand