SOMETHING LIGHT by Margery Sharp


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An original idea, correspondingly original in its development, provides the impetus for a series of incidents- half comic, half tragic, wholly endearing from the reader's angle. Louisa thought herself a career woman, photographer of dogs. Other people, men in particular, thought of her as an over ready help in time of trouble. And this role began to pall, so she decided to be done with the hangers on and to find a husband. As a catalyst, the idea was all right. In its development, change seemed dominant:- the rich older man didn't turn out to be the solution: nor the old beau, who seemed ripe for the plucking (but cherished his independence); nor the readymade family with the widower rather (etirely too set on having his own way). The only answer was the career - until another answer found itself on the doorstep. Amusing, deftly handled - this might almost be bui into a Mr. Blvoder kind of picture. Pt serialization and selection as March Literary Guild postponed this from an earlier date.

Publisher: Little, Brown