HARLEQUIN, HOUSE by Margery Sharp


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Something about this story seems more like Robert Nathan than like Margery Sharp. While not actually a fantasy, there is an unreality to it, a certain quaintness, a whimsical rather than humorous quality in the gentle spoofing. There is none of the warm humanity of The Nutmeg Tree, none of the authenticity of characterization. This is a story of a strange trio, -- an elderly and not too bright bookshop manager, a lovely girl with an internal dynamo that takes everything in its stride, and a scapegrace brother who finally solves his own inadequacies in this workaday world, by skipping lightly over the mere matter of earning his daily bread and marrying an heiress. What brings them together and how they work out their joint salvation makes charming reading. But once read, the book seems a bit thin.

Pub Date: April 12th, 1939
Publisher: Little, Brown