MAKE UP YOUR MIND by Margery Wilson


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I wonder if this title is a good one for this book, which is one of the soundest and most practical self-help books I've come across in many a day. In the first place, it is a challenge to the individual to be himself and think for himself in these days when propaganda is in every line of printed matter we read, it seems. But it is more than that. It is a working formula for making of yourself what you would be; not a quick road to riches, but a sure road to happiness, to serenity, to laughter, to social grace, to self confidence, to courage, to honesty, to self control, to health. If the whole were reduced to a two word formula, those words would be Conquer fear! Plenty of human interest material to liven the program, and a sure understanding of the pitfalls and hurdles. The author is best known for two books, Charm and The New Etiquette.

Publisher: Stokes