STORIES FROM THE BIBLE by Margherita Fanchiotti


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An unusual presentation of the key stories of the Old and New Testament, told as a running account of the steps in history of the Jewish people, the approach to the coming of the Messiah, and the establishment of the Christian church. The people and their way of life take on reality. There is avoidance of the harsher sides,- the violence of the ancient ways, even the death on the Cross, but one gets a sense of growth in men's moral stature. The Old Testament goes back to Abraham - to the ultimate acquiring of the Promised Land, to the periods of the Judges and the Kings and the Prophets and the successive captivities. And- with the New Testament, there is the reaction against the foreign rulers which made the coming of the Saviour yet more eagerly anticipated by some, feared by others. One does get a definite sense of pattern, and the telling has color and drama and interpretation unusual in such books.

Publisher: Oxford