A WIDER TOMORROW by Margret Shaw


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While Roberta ponders whether to go to university or to follow her friend Michael to America, where he'll train as a skier, her grandmother describes her own early years struggling for the rights of women while Britain was distracted by WW I. ""Grandmother, why didn't you marry my Grandfather?"" asks Roberta, and Tiffany explains: One of 11 children, all girls, she was unware of the women's movement until her father's death sent her to live with an aunt who took her to suffrage meetings, while her husband taught Tiffany auto mechanics--later her ticket to becoming an ambulance driver in France. Meanwhile, she became involved in a bittersweet triangular romance, with a physically attractive young viscount, Kit, and with his friend and former tutor, Robert, a charismatic defender of women's rights, whose wife had been mentally disabled by an injury at a demonstration. Though the first pages here tend toward the pedantic, the reader is soon caught up in the poignant multiple love story, artfully woven with the historical detail; with a wise perspective on the varieties of love, then and now; with the mystery broached in the opening query; and with Roberta's decision, reflecting her new conception of herself as a woman and a person. A thoughtful, well-wrought first novel that may lead readers to Vera Brittain's autobiographical account of the same period and issues.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1990
Page count: 130pp
Publisher: Holiday House