EFFELLI by Margt Austin
Kirkus Star


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Peter Churchmouse was just about my favorite juvenile book in 1941. Now comes another entertaining tale with pictures about a little elephant, perfectly named """" (which seems to come as close to a small child's pronunciation of ""elephant"" as most of them come). """" had escaped from the owner of a small zoo, who was taking him all the way from his jungle home to an inland city. He lands in a van, where he is too big to escape observation, and is gleefully claimed by the small granddaughter of Grandpop, Lolly, who had always wanted a pet elephant. Then there's Lord Nelson, the outrageous and amusing parrot, with all his advice -- good and bad -- on how """" can permanently escape his fat. Good nonsense -- yes, even to the question trick played on the herrid keeper. Amusing pictures. A slightly older tale than Peter Churchmouse, but could be read aloud to four to six year olds -- and read by grade.

Pub Date: Feb. 2nd, 1942
Publisher: Dutton