I AM YOU MISFORTUNE by Marguerita--Retold by Rudolph


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The misfortune of this otherwise disarming book is its splotchy coloring; Imero Gobbato's singularly solid drawings would have done fine without overlays of pink and yellow and light blue. The story is a clever reversal: having lost horse and load, been refused a loan by his rich brother, a poor brother meets the monstrous figure of his Misfortune, wheedles him into showing how small he can get, then claps him into a snuffbox and throws it over the dam; when he becomes rich and comfortable too, his jealous brother pries the secret from him, retrieves the snuffbox and releases Misfortune who, in gratitude, becomes his Misfortune. A Lithuanian folktale told and drawn with gusto, but oh the spilt mercurochrome and mustard look of it.

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1968
Publisher: Seabury