YOU CAN LEARN RUSSIAN by Marguerita Rudolph


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You really can. (We'd write this review in Russian, but we haven't got Russian type and besides, we're awfully modest about our linguistic achievements-- at least here in the juvenile pages.) The author's admirably organized approach requires only reader cooperation. She starts and sticks with the Russian alphabet; irst the way it looks and sounds; moves, in the next chapter, to five letters that are the same in English; goes on to three that are similar; to four more that only look like ours and so on to a last chapter that gives the reader a chance to try out on some folk tales and verse. Each section of the alphabet discussed has Russian words introduced (phonetic pronunciations appear in parenthesis). Short exercises, not demanding, put new knowledge to instant use. Once introduced, the words are used again and some grammatical niceties are neatly explained along the way. There is a lengthy vocabulary from Russian to English that pronounces and defines. It can be used by young readers on their own, but its possibilities as a group text will not be overlooked by teachers. On the whole-- Bravo!

Pub Date: March 11th, 1964
Publisher: Little, Brown