WATER OVER THE DAM by Marguerite Allis


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Miss Allis has her background and facts at her finger tips, and successively her books build in a rich period and regional and historical setting for her story. Once again she has used the Connecticut she loves for a story of the Farmington Canal project and the stormy record of the idea in its development and operation. So much more is known of the longer lived Erie Canal that the extension of the canal idea to other areas is almost forgotten. Here, through the story of young Titus Todd and his checkered matrimonial career, there is told that story of the canal which came down through fertile farm lands, swamps and river lands, and of the fight put up by the river folk and the teamsters, and of politics played between the New Haven and the Hartford contestants for the state's capitol site. A fresh panel of New England's story, and a good yarn as well. Titus was in love with one of the Dickinson twins, but put his head into the noose designed by her scheming sister, and found himself married to the wrong girl. It was a strange marriage and had stormy passage before he was rid of her. It was her betrayal of the canal for which he worked that finally gave him his freedom.

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1947
Publisher: Putnam