WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE by Marguerite Ann Stewart
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An excellent complement or supplement to Katherine Shippen's (1950 P. 521), this story of immigrations to America places a more obvious emphasis on the ethical demands our American democracy lays upon us respecting the contributions and rights of our neighbor. First the author asks the question: ""who are the American people?"" and in the following chapters tells the thrilling stories of our immigrations-Scandinavian; Spanish speaking peoples; English; Irinh; Negroes; Jews; Germans; Italians; Chinese; and even the Indians, who migrated from other continents long ago. In discussing each group which at the present time is the victim of prejudice, the author takes the opportunity to point out the and moral weakness inherent. In its propagation, and to investigate the causes of projudice. The approach is intelligent, and should appeal to young people encouraged to do their own thinking.

Pub Date: March 22nd, 1951
Publisher: John Day