OCCUPATION: ANGEL by Marguerite Cullman


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With perhaps not quite the effervescence of Ninety Dozen Glasses (1960- Mrs. Cullman's account of official hostessing at the Brussels World Exhibition in 1958), this returns to a still earlier time when she gave up ""Occupation- Editor and Journalist"" to become a wife and mother, and then to accept her husband Howard's offer to angel any plays she selected, providing eight out of ten were successful. In the first four years, Mrs. Cullman's judgment of what might go (i.e. Life with Father, Lady in the Darh, Ansenic and Old Lace, among others), converted a modest capital investment into an equity of half a million dollars. Along with a good deal about the theatre in the last twenty years, plays, productions, casting, financing, auditions, and of course- celebrities, there are pleasant asides of a personal nature, on her childhood, her first jobs, etc. As such, it offers informal, miscellaneous marginalia on an avocation with many glamorous fringe benefits but it is strictly feminine in accent and appeal.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1963
Publisher: Horton