THE DOOR IN THE WALL by Marguerite De Angeli


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A new field for this author-artist, in a story of 13th century England during the reign of Edward III. One has a feeling of the authenticity of the pageantry and atmosphere of medieval England; the lavish color and detailed black and white illustrations are beautifully handled, but the story seems contrived and at times difficult for the age for which it is written. Ten year old Robin is crippled by a mysterious malady while his father is at the wars. Left in the care of a brave and adventurous monk, he eventually emerges from self pity and becomes interested in wood carving and later gets involved in exciting events at the castle of a friend. There should be sustained interest, mounting tension, but somehow the story fails to enlist the interest or sympathy of the reader, as the plot bogs down and wears thin. A lovely looking book.

ISBN: 0440402832
Publisher: Doubleday