BOLINVAR by Marguerite F. Baylise


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This is perfect escape reading even for those who know and care little for the sportsman paradise depicted -- and definitely for the picaresque novel-cum-snob-appeal-deluxe market. It is a new edition of a sporting novel which appeared as a Derrydale limited at $15, in 1937 -- but which even then we reported as meriting a wider audience than originally indicated. At the start the style --early 19th century derivative -- seems artificial, stilted, but you soon forget it (and like it) as the story gathers pace. Rich dist of mystery, romance, adventure, of horses, hounds and sportsmanship de luxe on both sides of the Atlantic. The tale is told by Dev Bolinvar, ""the Jersey Bolinvar"", but it is Hugo, the Virginia Bolinvar, who is the focus of the story. The skeleton in the family cupboard is known to both but Hugo thinks he alone knows it, and holds his cousin at a distance, the while he lays plans for a double life for himself, in which he will put off the mantle of the Bolinvars. But Dev puts a different interpretation on it -- and together with Hugo's jilted sweetheart, ferrets out the truth, and the cousins come through unscathed to perfect amity, the romance is patched up, and the tale winds up in a well-nigh incredible four state hunt for the devil fox, which the famous black hounds run to ground in the Jersey Bolinvar's own Sorland Mountain. Grand winter evening entertainment.

Publisher: Holt