BOLINVAR by Marguerite F. Bayliss
Kirkus Star


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It is like Anthony Adverse with a very great difference, that there isn't an extraneous paragraph. The second volume leaves you reaching for a third. Every Virginia family is going to claim it for its own. Fact and fiction are so cleverly mingled and the stories so vividly told I doubt whether the author could swear to them. She knows how to paint people, horses, hounds, America and Europe, each scene perfection, each character alive, each era portrayed in minute detail. It's too good a tale to spell by telling. No one will believe there were coal black foxhounds, or that they chased the fox from Virginia to Jersey, if you or I tell them; but Miss Bayliss could tell them anything. She has the gift and what is even better, is an authority on breeding, so you can breathe easily. Sportsmen will approve while anyone who likes a grand novel will delight in it. Branch out on this and enlarge your list of Derrydale collectors. This is perfect initiation bait. Ball's illustrations are exactly the type, as is the binding in hunter's pink.

Publisher: Derrydale