BORN TO TROT by Marguerite Henry
Kirkus Star


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Another loving tribute to horses -- this time the trotting horse -- by the winner of the Newbery Medal. Again the story is based on real events and real people -- the young owner of the famous Hambletonian winner, Gibson White, his father, beloved grand old man of the track, Benjamin Franklia White, and the magnificent racer, Rosalind. Gibson knew he was born to race horses, and his brave act in saving a horse from death in his first race convinced his father that the boy had courage and skill. However, Gib has to fight against ill health which threatens to keep him from trotting. While in the hospital, however, he reads the wonderful story of the great trotter for whom the Hambletonian races are named, and also becomes the owner of a filly. The story ends with the winning of the Hambletonian. The author always manages to catch the excitement of training, working with and even watching beautiful horses, and the color and black and white sketches by Wesley Dennis are dashing and appealing.

ISBN: 0689716923
Publisher: Rand McNally