A SONG FOR ARABKLIA by Marguerite Leslie
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An unobtrusive, but in it's own quiet way, thoroughly enchanting little story of fact and fancy about Arabelia, one of the early Stanley steamers. When Arabella, a dainty little jewel of a car, was first bought long ago, she could not have guessed that no many strange things could happen to her. There was a period of daring exhibitions when she drive down a deep chute at fairs, climbed the White House steps and met the President, a period of rushing a country doctor to his patients; a happy time in a family of children, then years of neglect, and finally a strange race at an Antique Car Meet. The author has done careful research on the subject, and ""Arabella"" herself may be seen in James Melton's Musnum.

Publisher: Coward-McCann