BUT YOU'LL BE BACK by Marguerite Steedman


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Good for the ladies, this sentimental, affectionate (pleasantly so) tale of small town Georgia today. Women will like it -- it is light, romantic, ingratiating. Youthful Peter, ambitious to be a successful architect, thinks that he has no future in Thessely, and goes off to New York, leaving Marion behind, just as her Aunt Cora had been left behind a generation before. Aunt Cora has learned her lesson -- and opens her eyes to what Thessely has become, faded gentility and dilapidation, roses and antiques, and does a one-woman job of bringing it to life again. She establishes a home restaurant which achieves national fame; she markets home industries and home products; then fire threatens destruction of all she has accomplished, and Peter comes back to achieve at home the renown New York had failed to bring him.

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin