ONE-EYED MOON by Marguerite Steen


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Again the Spanish scene, which Miss Steen so admirably portrayed in Matador, and again she proves her uncanny ability to get into the very hearts and souls of the village and country people of that enigmatic country. This is the story of a country lad, a goatherd, who won a town maiden as a bride, of how their marriage was wrecked on the rock of the wife's suspicions of her husband's infidelity and her jealousy -- long unexplained -- of her own daughter, and of the husband's eagerness to prove his superiority to her city claims, and his utter inability to make a success of anything but charm. There is less ""story"" than in most of her earlier books -- but less, too, of the elements that prejudiced the conservatives against her. Not a book for a very wide market.

Publisher: Little, Brown