THE WORLD FOR JASON by Marguerite Vance


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Although Rudolph La Trobe, the great circus aerialist, devoted every energy in training his son in his art, the great musical talent the boy exhibited was derived from his deceased wife's tradition. Finally Rudolph gives Jason the opportunity to train his talent by sending him to live with his wife's family in New York City, a family who never accepted the marriage or circus life. Jason finds in his charming aunt and lively cousins the warmth and normality he had missed, but the cannot reconcile the two worlds. The grandfather who regrets his own past mistakes, is instrumental-in helping Jason realize that there is only one world with many rooms in it. When Rudolph finally accepts his son for what he is, this realization is permanently inscribed in Jason's heart. A sensitive story filled with exciting circus vignettes, a heroic rescue by Jason of the vicious Tommy from an even more vicious panther, and in all, a genuine appeal for young readers.

Pub Date: March 31st, 1961
Publisher: Dutton