THE BOY ON THE ROAD by Marguerite Vance


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The spiritual factor of the figure of Jesus lends a sympathetic note to this story of Jotham, a boy assistant to a tanner in Nazareth. All his life Jotham has suffered from stuttering, and from the ridicule of his contemporaries because of it. He is surprised when three boys invite him to a wedding feast, and in his happiness he thinks back to his youth in Bethlehem and the coming of the Christ Child in the tiny manger, which he and his mother witnessed. He goes to the wedding feast at the appointed time, only to find that he is alone. His fears and disappointments return while he waits, and then Jesus comes. Though he does not reveal himself, Jotham feels his spirit and gives Jesus the gift of his faith and finds he is cured of stuttering. A short book with an ageless religious appeal.

Publisher: Dutton