SECRET FOR A STAR by Marguerite Vance


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Prudence Trudhue is the daughter of an extraordinary marriage and now an orphan has come to live with a disapproving Grandmother in a small resort town near Boston. Her problems are given sensitive and open-minded handling by Mrs. Vance whose many other stories and biographies have own her a deserved acclaim in children's books. On the train and barely recovered from grief at her parent's death in an automobile accident, Prudence wonders about her future. But only gradually do we learn what it will entail. Her Grandmother Trudhue is bitterly resentful of the fact that her son, a clergyman with a prominent family background, had married a famous actress. Even though Sheila Ballard had given up her career for him, old Mrs. Trudhue's anger swept on, now to pester the innocent Prudence. There are other difficulties too. Prudence likes food too much and needs to lose weight. At school she antagonizes some of her classmates with an attitude they take for conceit rather than the enthusiasm which compels Prudence to enter too wholeheartedly into school dramatics. But the tempering of time soothes the old antagonisms and helps Prudence to a new understanding and ability to forge ahead on her own. As the first steps in her own stage career are taken there is a healthy acknowledgement of individual resources and human understanding. Adult approach.

Publisher: Dutton