DARK EMINENCE by Marguerite Vance


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A professional in the field of historical books, Marguerite Vance now devotes her attention to the complicated era of Catherine de Medici, a time when the royal houses of Europe bargained and battled for power largely through the contracted marriages between its members. Friendly first toward the Huguenots and then, in league with Philip of Spain, toward the Catholics, Catherine's deepest concern lay in her own power. From her marriage to Henry II in 1533 to her effect on both Elizabeth and Mary, through four reigns to Henry III, the wheelings and dealings of the royal houses of Europe, the issues which split 16th century France into warring camps are offered in straightforward factual terms, with emphasis on individual royal alliances. Not in any sense an overview of a fascinating era, this is a highly cerebral puzzle which, though factually accurate, will prove a challenge only for those with a background in European history.

Pub Date: Sept. 29th, 1961
Publisher: Dutton