NO SOAP AND THE SOVIET by Mari Christopher


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E. S. McCawley writes us as follows: ""I've just finished reading it and I got a laugh out of it. Mari Christopher is an attractive, normal American girl, who took a Russian 'Detourist' trip last summer, and recorded her impressions of what she saw, felt and smelled. In breezy vernacular she relates her reactions to Red Virtue and vice versa. An excellent antidote for the maunderings of those who seek to convince us that the Soviet State would be a nice place to live. With her tongue in her cheek, her own toilet paper, and a flit gun, she 'did' Russia... A personal bookshop item that will please the customer who wont read Duranty because he 'is so pro-communist', as well as all with a sense of humor. The book costs $1.50 and you get it on a protected basis. Good for plus sales -- but read it first, and display it next. Apply 662 East 6th Street, Plainfield, N. J., if your jobber fails you.

Publisher: The Red Ram Press