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How to Create the Happy, Healthy Life You Want to Live

by Mari L. McCarthy

Pub Date: Sept. 27th, 2016
ISBN: 978-0-692-19983-1
Publisher: Createwritenow

In this debut manual, a writer examines how journaling can create spiritual, emotional, and intellectual awareness and wellness.

McCarthy understands the ability to overcome internal struggles through self-reflection exercises. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in adulthood, she was forced to relearn basic activities like walking, cooking, and even holding a pen. Through journaling, she discovered the time and patience she needed to heal, inside and out. Her book targets readers who seek a practice that will help them center their thoughts, emotions, and principles daily. The author weaves in personal stories, specific exercises, and useful tips that spotlight the common effects and benefits of journaling, such as putting the “Inner Critic” onto the page, learning to recognize automatic negative thoughts that are products of habits, and transforming the “should” voice into a potent, meaningful one. She recommends many techniques, such as “Morning Pages” and “Night Notes,” that should keep readers tapped into their conscious selves rather than the emotional gusts of the day. McCarthy provides prompts but emphasizes that journaling has few rules. The only ones she suggests: journal by hand and engage in the practice daily. “Putting the pen to paper is a whole body experience,” she asserts, explaining in depth how the journaling process creates a more intimate interaction with the page and forces more succinct, purposeful thoughts due to the physical exertion required. While the book mainly concentrates on journaling, the author also covers an array of other important practices, such as mindful eating, breathing exercises, and expressions of gratitude. She even explains how journaling can become intertwined with healthy eating and other activities that can change a reader’s life if performed daily. In total, the work succeeds at adding something fresh, precise, and compelling to the genre: a focused manual that serves as a coach but allows for freedom, exploration, and creative interpretation.

This powerful guide offers journaling exercises that promote alertness, self-healing, reflection, and appreciation.