CAPITAL CITY by Mari Sandoz
Kirkus Star


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Two years ago, William Allen White's son attempted to put on paper the inside story of a Middle Western city maggoty from reactionary forces; the book did not quite come off. Now Mari Sandoz has done it, with the same vitrilic power that made Old Jules and Slogum House memorable in the American panorama. One guesses the setting of Capital City to be Lincoln, Nebraska; the time is as immediate as this season's latest style wrinkle: the struggle between capital and labor, between the liberals and the reactionaries (Fascistic-American style), is dramatized and high lighted with deep-biting acid pen. It is a book that will make even the least imaginative squirm. It is a book that Public Libraries and conservatives will passover, but it is a book that is as much an indictment of a current problem as Grapes of Wrath.

Pub Date: Nov. 28th, 1939
ISBN: 0803260318
Publisher: Little, Brown