WHO SAID MEOW? by Maria -- Adapt. Polushkin


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Who said ""MEOW"" to disturb Puppy's nap? ""I wouldn't say MEOW. I say COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO,"" says Rooster. ""I don't say MEOW. I say SQUEAK,"" says Mouse. And it wasn't Big Hairy Dog who says ""GRRRRR GRRRRRR GRRRROWL"". . . or Bee who says ""BUZZ"" and stings Puppy on his nose. . . or silent Fish or Frog who laughs ""CROAK. You are dumber than I thought."" All the time that Puppy is investigating he is taunted with more MEOWs until finally he does spot the ""fluffy striped thing"" on the window sill -- and then just curls back up and goes back to sleep ""with a big smile on his sweet puppy face."" This should be a big success with very young preschoolers who still appreciate the chance to identify and imitate the animals as they wait to hear how Puppy's question is answered, and Maestro makes his two-color pictures far simpler, sweeter and straighter than usual to suit the younger audience and the prevailing gentleness.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1975
Publisher: Crown