THE GOLDEN SEED by Maria Konopnicka


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An old Polish folk tale recounts how a king longed for gold in his land in order to buy his people clothing. A seed bought from a wise merchant guaranteed to yield a golden crop yields nothing but flowers and more seeds, and causes a great furor in the palace. After a tenacious hunt, the merchant is imprisoned but granted his wish for a packet of seeds. With the help of the princess and her spinning wheel, the old man spins the fibers of the flower directly into cloth and amazes the kingdom with his discovery of flax and linen. The legend may be too detailed for the average pre-schooler, but its tiny medieval illustrations in 8 colors by Janina Domanska and its old fashioned quality make it ideal supplementary reading for third graders busy with their clothing units in social studies.

Pub Date: Sept. 17th, 1962
Publisher: Scribner