GOD HAD A DOG by Maria Leach


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A truly fabulous body of material about the dog, and his real and legendary role in ancient and modern cultures all over the world, shows all the infinite variety of man's associations with this four-footed friend or beast. Parallel concepts, myths and manifestations are drawn from their provenance in every civilization (i.e. Greek, African, Indian, Babylonian, American Indian, etc., etc.) and congregate here in sections on the dogs of the gods (their functions as guards, messengers, symbols); dogs in the creation myths, as ancestors, or as harbingers of death; dogs in the sky (stars, moon and constellations); the status of the dog in society, his uses, and his standing before the law; the dog in the underworld- or the other worlds; the dog in legend, tall tale, fable, magic, proverb or riddle; his nomeniature; his appearance in our language; etc., etc. Maria Leach, an authoritative folklorist, has assembled an impressive range of material and there are over 50 illustrations, in black and white, by Mamie Harmon, based on prehistoric materials from collections, museums, etc.

Publisher: Rutgers University Press