THE LION SNEEZED: Folktales and Myths of the Cat by Maria Leach

THE LION SNEEZED: Folktales and Myths of the Cat

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Never ignored in art and literature, the cat has received so much attention of late that she'll soon be past living with. Meanwhile Leach's brisk, eclectic folklore collection is a perfect way to begin an acquaintance; it goes back to the first known reference to domesticated cats (from Sumer), and includes brief tales from India, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Rome, Jamaica, and elsewhere, along with a similarly wide-ranging sampling of riddles and sayings. There's nothing as sophisticated or as extended as ""Puss in Boots"" here; Leach's cats are a homelier lot, but no less generously endowed with mother wit. Complete with Siegl's assured and personable woodcuts and Leach's usual exemplary source notes, this is a snappier, earthier, broader view than Alexander's polished appreciations (above)--of a creature who will always have the last word.

Pub Date: Oct. 12th, 1977
Publisher: T. Y. Crowell