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Biographical fiction -- in the story of Elizabeth Seton, born Elizabeth after the American Revolution, who became the first American nun and founder of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. The substance holds much of interest:- her , brilliant daughter of a physician, well married, living the life of the rich of early New York, knowing the Ogdens, the Jays, the Roosevelts, and of society in New York of the day. Then, after the failure of his shipping , dying of tuberoulosis, took his wife and their oldest child to Italy up the threads of an old friendship, which was to bring momentous shortly thereafter left a widow. For it was through the Filiocis that to Catholicism became complete, and on her return to New York she faced persecution and poverty. She was summoned to Baltimore to start a Cath but instead, she became a nun, and the Order of the Sisters of Saint . . . .The light touch, wit and charm characteristic of Evelyn Haton's overlaid with the heavy hand of her collaborator. While the early held mild interest for the average reader, it is in the main essentially .

Pub Date: April 14th, 1948
Publisher: Harper