THE LEANING TOWER by Maria Talwick


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A mamma mamma mia tediosita which will take you hours to wrap your fork around about the city of Pisa and some of its less distinguished citizens--like crafty, complaining old Luigi who spends the first 200 pages indicting his unloving second wife, his undutiful daughter Marisa, and his one-balled son-in-law Stefano. Marisa, however, does take him in before she pushes him off the Torre Pendente (or did she?) while Stefano is busy elsewhere--he's just rediscovered the first love of his life, Carla, now a famous magazine reporter. She's really in Pisa looking for her illegitimate son; by the close she discovers another relative--Marisa who turns out to be her half-sister. Ah yes, as the ""phallus of the world inclines,"" so does the head.

Pub Date: June 14th, 1976
Publisher: Putnam