SIX GREAT HORSEBACK RIDERS by Marian and Iris Gilmore Talmadge


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No, the British aren't coming; It's Indians three times and Mexicans once, also a Declaration signer whose vote is crucial and a medical missionary urging Oregon over Newfoundland as U.S. territory. Cold weather and time are the common enemy, as well as rough terrain, but of course the trusty steeds save the day (one even dies from the strain). Pony Bob Haslam, Joe Rankin and John ""Portugee"" Phillips each ride great distances in little time to warn of impending Indian attacks and Lt. Col. John Charles Fremont does the same about the Mexican Californios; Caesar Rodney's vote for independence is decisive in determining Delaware's position; Dr. Marcus Whitman rides to persuade President Tyler that Oregon is more valuable than Newfoundland and insists on taking a huge wagon train of settlers back with him. The stories are unrelated to each other and related without suspense or sustaining interest.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Putnam