DEATH IN FASHION by Marian Babson


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A nifty little number set in the fledgling London fashion-house of Decemo, where designers, sewers, models and messengers are being plagued by a series of unpleasant incidents while trying to cope with the hysteria of the season's biggest week. The nastiness culminates in the gruesome--perhaps accidental--death of Decemo's latest gay love: brutish Nikko, whose messenger's job hardly fits his proprietary air. There's plenty of colorful feuding amongst all these easily bruised egos, but sweet model Sunny is really suffering as agent-lover Jake turns to icy, brainless model Rebe. Meanwhile, the showgirls go on despite everything--until a second death, definitely murder, rips it all apart with a denouement that's less convincing and less fun than what's gone before. But, still, Babson's in crisp, fast-moving, near-top form with this entertaining trifle.

Pub Date: April 28th, 1986
Publisher: Walker