by Marian Cackrall
Kirkus Star

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For the ladies, rentals, an extremely pleasant first along light lines. It's the story of Phyllis, a young widow, about to marry a playwright whom she isn't too sure she loves. Under considerable pressure she rushes the ceremony, then breaks it off and discovers she's pregnant. A way out presents itself through Ives, an old friend, recently jilted by Cynthia, who marries her. The marriage has its bad moments; Phyllis, meek, overgrateful, irritates Ives; she also discovers she loves him -- while he, reserved, cursory, makes a second play for Cynthia. After the baby is born, Phyllis decides to liquidate Cynthia, regains her assurance and appeal, and sells Ives the idea of marriage for a fact. P.L.'s may not altogether approve -- but it's essentially all right.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1943
Publisher: Harper