DEBORAH by Marian Castle


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Feminine slant with appeal for the Ferber-Hurst market. Deborah -- always an efficient rebel, elbows her way from the Dakota prairies to college, and marriage to a teacher who was no fighter and who left her with three children to raise. Her manoeuvers to win dependable Ira are successful, but her children, rebels in their way, escape her domination, and fight the battle of emancipation in Chicago of the '20's and '90's. Deborah's youngest daughter dies leaving little Linda, whose sense of reality brings them through to balance when they are forced to return to Deborah's old home there to fight through the dust bowl existence and face the changes the war brings... Confusion of culture and conventionality, of religion and respectability, finally resolved in the re-establishment of discarded values as Deborah's life goes full circle -- from farm to city and back to the land.

Publisher: Morrow