THE GOLDEN FURY by Marian Castle


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Carolina hates the drab world of righteousness preached by her frantically religious father, finds laughter and friends in the very whorehouses he preaches against. When he humiliates her, it is to helpful Floss she turns and Floss uses her as an excuse to move to another boom mining town. It is Floss who promotes her marriage, but Roger's family proves too strong and he leaves her. Carolina with her baby and Floss follow the luck of the mines, find respectability in a bake shop. Carolina's father threatens her new life and it is Pete who redeems it by marrying her. Her partnership in his mine leads to financial security, and through her daughter, Carolina dreams of living the gay life she had missed. But the girl's desires are otherwise, the mine pans out and Carolina finds a new happiness for her middle age. Feminine fare of Colorado in the days of mining strikes and a woman's revolt, this has more vigorous characters, more drama than the earlier Deborah (1946).

Publisher: Morrow