FACING LIFE ALONE by Marian Champagne


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For the ten million former wives (with widows, rather than divorcees intended in the operative word) this astringent rather than assuasive handbook has been written and it deals with many of the more practical aspects of managing your anless life. With the overall directive- don't make any sudden changes immediately, this goes on to the more immediate arrangements (the funeral, the will, the disposition of belongings- only clothes and medicines to begin with). On with the questions of legal work to be done, the handling of money, a checking account, a car, insurance, and the cost of living and the corners to be cut. Implementing an income (a job, a small business or investments); your children; your friends; men and possible remarriage, all this is explained intelligently for the benefit of the beneficiary who has presumably been more dependent than the unfeminine mystique of om has led one to believe.

Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill