LILLIAN HARLEY by Marian Cookrell
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Good light entertainment, by the author of Yesterday's Madness -- it should reenforce the impression made in that field by her first book. This is the story of Lillian Karley, young, vulnerable, and from the wrong side of town. Lillian has fallen in love with Martin Payne, country club and such, but is never really happy with him, playing up the slights of his family, his uncertainty about marrying her -- and she leaves the small town of her girlhood in a huff and goes to New York. There she determines to make good on her own; she becomes a model, then a designer, and eventually is engaged to Regan, magazine cover artist, Social Register et al. Tolerant, teasing, understanding, Regan wisely gives her time to get over Martin. Then she goes home, meets Martin again, this time in uniform, and soon finds herself engaged to two men at once. Began takes matters in hand -- and Lillian finds out which one she really wants. Good popular touch -- for rental libraries and sales as well. There's little that is sound in this field today; here is one well above average.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1943
Publisher: Harper