SHIPWRECK BAY by Marian Rumsey


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It's the irresistible Robinson Crusoe/Swiss Family Robinson themes and this looks like fresh cut book bait for those disinclined to read. The boy narrator is thirteen year old Henry McGonal and he describes the wreck of The Dolphin, a schooner in which he and his family are sailing the world. The McGonals were a sailing family from clippership days and Mr. McGonal, unfortunately at the wheel the night they crashed into a sleeping whale, believed in the romance of sail even in these days. Mr. & Mrs. McG. and one crew member got away in one dory. Henry, his eighteen year old sister Clarisse, and a twenty-four year old peg-legged crewman got off in another. They were separated, and the three young people were finally washed into that hardy dream of glory-- an empty tropic island. Their days there are a crowded schedule of the details and near-disasters of their ingenious survival arrangements. Their ultimate rescue adds to the reader comforts. Another nice feature of the trimly told story is the biggish, clear print.

Pub Date: Sept. 7th, 1966
Publisher: Morrow