BOY OF EPHESUS by Marian Waite Magoon


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Fifteen-year-old Manos, the son of an Ephesian silversmith, is brought up strictly in the cult of Diana. His father, traditionally, bitterly resents that strange new voice which deplores the worshiping of idols, out Manos, through his contact with a Cypriot slave-tutor, and a miraculous cure he experiences at the hands of Paul of Tarsus, is more receptive to the new Christian-Judaic notions Paul preaches. Revolted by the barbarism of Roman rule, Manos gradually comes to accept his teachings. A fairly contrived story which allows the reader a sense of the world, the position of Paul, the Greco-Roman opposition he encountered, and the pagan gods against whom he taught.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1957
Publisher: Longmans, Green