THE TALKING ROOM by Marianne Hauser


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It talks and it talks and it talks. . . . Hauser chews her premise--two lesbians' relationship with their mysteriously begotten daughter--to a dogged death. Here in the talking room, there is no sequence, there are no names. B's mom, J, and her Aunt V, reside in a maze of mirrors. Each of the three has found her own way of coping with loneliness. J sloshes gin and has bathroom sex at a gay bar called Bangs; V complains about her X husbands and manages real estate; B overeats on sweets, engineers seductions and becomes pregnant with her own baby doll. The minor characters, however, provide some distraction from the silly, notional set-up.

Pub Date: April 7th, 1976
Publisher: Fiction Collective--dist. by Braziller