THE FACE OF LOVE by Marianne Roane


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A suggestive, tentative and rather indirect reflection of the ""face of love"", the degrees and variations of loving -- this concerns a rather close circle. There is Dan Fugate, who wants a divorce from his wife of many years so that he may marry Ghislaine Aures, charming, dependent, volatile, immoral. There is Dana Fugate, Dan's daughter, with her proprietary, protective love for her father from which her mother is excluded. There is Philip, young and in love with Dana, who elicits from Dana- even though she sleeps with him- only an indifferent, intellectual response. And there is Martin Turo, Ghislaine's husband, sensitive, cultured, who at the close is able to contact Dana when she leaves her father to Ghislaine, realizes he has no need for her... A second novel which is still experimental, not entirely free of a certain stylized artifice, but which is interesting in its emotional exploration and will appeal to a discriminating, feminine audience.

Pub Date: Aug. 8th, 1949
Publisher: Scribner