AUNT AMERICA by Marie Halun Aloch


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This story is set in the Ukraine of the present day. It is concerned with freedom -- the internal, individual kind -- that can't be stamped out by government decree. Lesya, the heroine, is confused by the behavior of the adults around her. Her mother and father, lately released from prison work camps, are held back by their unconcealed contempt for the ruling authorities. Uncle Vlodko-does much better materially by toeing the official line. It remains for the presence of her Aunt Lydia visiting from America to point up the difference between personal integrity and bootlicking submission. Eleven-year-old Lesya has three days of watching these contrasts and she learns. The pale drawings by Joan Berg are very well done. The details of dress are excellent and the characters depicted look like Ukranians. This should prove a happy addition to those collections serving a hyphenated public of Slavic origin.

Pub Date: March 22nd, 1963
Publisher: Atheneum