JEFFERSON: War & Peace 1776-1784 by Marie Kimball

JEFFERSON: War & Peace 1776-1784

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A sequel to The Road to Glory: 1743-1778, published in the Spring of 1943- this volume carries on the biography of a great American, a great world citizen, through probably the grimmest years of his life, years when his star was high but brief, while he served his state of Virginia- then dimmed as the war engulfed him and his term of governor was fraught with troubles. With his retirement from the governorship- he spent some time preparing his defense of the successive failures that dogged his footsteps in a state ill-prepared for invasion on two fronts. He was cleared of the charges; he worked on his Notes on Virginia- a natural history, scientific study, which was to provide source material for scholars in years to come. Then he was appointed a delegate to Congress, sitting in Annapolis- and ultimately chosen to serve his country abroad. Sad years- with the death of his wife, the burning of Monticello, the making and losing of friends,- but years of achievement. A book for students of the man. Informed but uninspired reading.

Pub Date: July 21st, 1947
Publisher: Coward, McCann