THE VOYAGE TO AFRICA by Marielis Hoberg


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Heiner and Elsie, previously adopted in One Summer on Majorca (1962- p. 57, J-23) once again go through the experience of leaving their orphanage, although this time their destination is North Africa. Although readers may be justifiably alarmed at the instability of the pair, they will find their travels a delightful lesson in geography. The author, who is experienced in writing travelogues, has done an excellent job of selecting unusual details which will appeal to children and which are also illustrative of the cities through which the two pass on their boat trip from Hamburg to Morocco. They see tall, spotlessly clean red and white houses in Rotterdam; pink, yellow, blue and green doll-like houses in Porto; a castle in Lisbon, and a cathedral in Seville. And everywhere they go they find that children enjoy playing the same games with only slight variations. Heiner and Elsie are appealing characters, and they both seem so pleased with their new home in Fez and with each other that one hopes they will not have to adjust all over again. Cheerful line-drawings by Jochen Bartson.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1964
Publisher: Abelard-Schuman