A ZOO IN HER BED by Marietta  Marcin


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The book is supposed to be for small girls. It may eventually reach them as a gift. The purchasers will probably be fond adults who think that the book is ""cute""; that the pictures are ""sweet""; and that little girls will dote on the cuteness and sweetness of their peers. The thin rhyme describes Debbie's preparations for sleep. She takes along all her stuffed animals. The bed is too crowded and they all-- very olitely-- leave one by one. Teddy is invited to stay and accepts. The pictures by Sophia are bland and reflect the saccharine verse. They are in faded colors which have been applied in much the same way a child ""colors in"" an outline form in a coloring book. Undoubtedly intended for bedtime reading, it has the negative value of not being able to keep anyone awake.

Pub Date: Dec. 2nd, 1963
Publisher: Coward-McCann