THE ELEPHANT'S NEST by Marilee Robin Burton


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In the first of Burton's four wordless cartoon sequences, a goofy-looking long-legged bird hatches three strange eggs--and out come three flying elephants. Next, and more amusing (but only if you get the joke), two mice take a rocket to the moon, where strange blobby creatures dig up wedges of--Swiss cheese, for the mice to take home. The weakest entry has a lion stand patiently by as first two, then more and more birds alight on his back--then he turns and growls and shakes them off. (Kids will feel as unceremoniously let down.) And finally, out of a kangaroo's pouch hop not only her own four offspring but a visiting elephant and giraffe as well. Three possible chuckles out of four, but Button's drawings don't enlarge her small ideas--and all four show up as one-dimensional gags next to Schweninger's dreamier style and richer imagination (see below).

Pub Date: April 1st, 1979
Publisher: Harper & Row