IN THE MIDST OF EARTH by Marilyn Harris


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With an almost supersonic awareness, Miss Harris has committed herself to the destructive ambiguities of human relationships. This is the story of Myra, returning to the home of her foster-father Mr. Jack after his suicide. Myra, remembering, goes through the quintessential moments of her childhood and her growing up and slowly, painfully, the moments coalesce as she at first submits to Mr. Jack's intimidating intellectual domination, comes to understand the nihilism of his brilliance, turns against him in her struggle for her own personality and ultimately loves him with devastating consequences. The character of Mr. Jack, unforgiving, trapped by his own insights, persecuted by the towns-people (a great scene with the KKK), tormented by narrow minds and justified only by reason is brilliantly portrayed. Myra's response to his didactic, imperious nature has an equal impact. . . . An emotionally seductive woman's novel.

Pub Date: April 11th, 1969
Publisher: Doubleday