LAURA'S LUCK by Marilyn Sache
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Laura was the older sister in last year's outstanding Amy Moves In (1964, p. 453-J-145). Whereas Amy has naturally curly hair and naturally straight teeth, Laura has straight hair and , just before leaving for summer camp, has had braces installed. Laura, who skipped a grade, is a bit of a misfit. If there's anything worse than being a misfit , it's being a misfit who knows it with the kind of a tag-along kid sister who isn't . Laura knows it. She is always aware of the process of adjustment and although this is set in a summer camp of the `30's, we'll bet a birdwalk that the discomfort of that milieu are among the eternals and haven't changed a bit. She's bookish and the camp is organized to activity. She's reclusive and her bunk mates run the gamut from the cordial to the compulsive, aggressive jokester. She's a game city girl, but accident prone. Laura's gradual and real transformation from the odd man out at the first camp fire sing to her last, rather choked up rendition of the camp song, is excellent preparation for how to get along as well as an integral part of a novel typical of the pains and pleasures of growing up. Her story should be in the hands of every girl who is being shipped to summer camp against her better judgment.

Pub Date: Sept. 10th, 1965
Publisher: Doubleday